As I say, there are many things deeply wrong with the culture of the New York Times:

John Gruber: Let’s Go Further and Hope for Every Last Drop of Joy to Be Drained From the World "Charlie Warzel... column for The New York Times... is a bluff. If there’s even a whiff of seriousness to Warzel’s proposal, it’s that—what?—the tens of millions of people interested in learning about Apple’s new products would be better served reading about it in publications like, oh, say, The New York Times? Filtered by writers like Warzel, who is so jaded he’s already deemed the new phones 'a commodity', and his colleague Jack Nicas, who mocked a woman wearing a media badge at the event for crying 'during an Apple Watch ad'. That was good for a 'we’re above any sense of emotion' laugh until the woman in question, Ellen Cushing of The Atlantic, piped into the thread.... What Warzel has written—not on his personal blog, mind you, but in a column in the goddamn New York Times—has nothing to do with Apple, nothing to do with iPhone users, and nothing to do with society or culture at large. It is not an honest attempt to persuade anyone about anything. It’s all about Charlie Warzel. Warzel wrote an entire column in The New York Times to let the world know that even though he writes about technology, he’s so far above getting excited about any of it that he thinks Apple should stop holding events to introduce new products. To quote my favorite spiritual leader, 'Well, isn’t that special?'...