I think Kevin Drum is wrong here: if Trump were merely a race-baiter, he could turn it and and off—and would, for tactical effectiveness reasons. He can't turn it off. The Washington Post of course has bigger problems: it's not a "branding crisis":

Kevin Drum: Here’s How Donald Trump Can Fix His Racist Branding Problem: "The Washington Post has a headline today that makes you go hmmm: 'Trump Vexed by Branding Crisis: How to Shed the Label of "Racist".' I think we all have a pretty good idea of how Trump could avoid being called a racist. He could stop saying racist stuff all the time. Easy peasy. For my money, I probably wouldn’t call Trump a racist.... I’d call him a race-baiter... someone who may or may not be personally racist but is perfectly happy to make money or win political office by appealing to racists.... Race-baiters the most dangerous of them all. Fox News is far worse than their viewers and Donald Trump is far worse than his base. Those are the people to fight, not the yahoos who yell 'Send them back!' at Trump rallies. Without Trump, they’d just be sitting at home and occasionally telling off-color jokes to their buddies. It’s only with people like Trump around that they become toxic...