Notice anybody missing from this list of Nazi victims?: UK University and College Union: Holocaust Memorial Day "UCU commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) observed annually on 27 January. It does so in memory of the millions who were murdered in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides in Bosnia, Cambodia, Darfur and Rwanda in order to challenge hatred and persecution in the UK today. The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 is 'Stand Together'. It explores how genocidal regimes throughout history have deliberately fractured societies by marginalising certain groups, and how these tactics can be challenged by individuals standing together with their neighbours, and speaking out against oppression.... Trade unions, including social democrats and communists, were the first among many groups who were persecuted by the Nazi following Hitler's rise to power in 1933. Other groups persecuted included:

  • Europe's Roma and Sinti people
  • 'asocials' which included beggars, alcoholics, drug addicts,
  • prostitutes and pacifists
  • black people
  • disabled people-those with physical as well as mental illness
  • freemasons
  • gay and lesbian people
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
  • non-Jewish Poles and Slavic POWs.

Please continue to let us know how your branch will be commemorating the day by emailing us at Below we outline a few ideas for planning an event and please do use our resources...