Very Briefly Noted 2019-09-30:

  1. Natalie Abrams: Xena: Warrior Princess: An Oral Herstory: "How Xena went from sword-wielding heroine to feminist icon...

  2. Supreme Court of Missouri (1998): Janice Ann DeLong v. Fredrick Joseph DeLong, Case No. 80637 (Sup. Ct. Mo. 1998)

  3. Wikipedia: Anicius Manlius Severinus Boëthius

  4. Wikipedia: Theodoric the Great

  5. Wikipedia: Amal Dynasty

  6. Michelle Robertson: Here's the deal with that giant housing complex that sprung up near MacArthur BART "385 units... 59 studios, 241 one-bedroom apartments and 78 two-bedroom apartments, Hines said... pool and hot tub, indoor/outdoor 'Skydeck', bike repair station and a 'pedestrian plaza'. The building is distinct largely due to its location: just steps from MacArthur BART and situated within the Temescal corridor, where walkable restaurants and hip bars and breweries abound...

  7. PhysicsMatt: Blog

  8. Scholastic: Immigrants by Country and Decade

  9. [The Case for Mexico's Rescue

  10. Tren Giffin and Russell Daggatt: The Global Negotiator

  11. Josiah Ober: The Greeks and the Rational

  12. Wikipedia: Atossa

  13. Fawlty Towers: Don't Mention the War!

  14. Michael Barr