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Todd Gitlin: Donald Trump’s biggest sin "We can see why Trump thinks he can carry the country with him. Much of his support in 2016 came from Americans who hate the United States government. They view it as an alien power—an apparatus for infesting the country with immigrants, hamstringing businesses, banning prayer, permitting abortion, curbing churches and rejecting dark-skinned refugees. His voters invested their hopes and fantasies in Trump as a presumably untainted outsider who would cleanse the swamp in their behalf. What they did not understand—did not want to understand—is that his abiding purpose was, and is, personal.... He successfully allied with evangelical leaders who equated their power with God’s will. Believing that private and church interests are the only interests that count, Republicans made a bargain. Their wealthiest were rewarded with tax cuts; their most churchly, with a pliable Supreme Court. But in the end, they have accorded Trump the privilege of having his way. A Republican Party consecrated to self-aggrandizement since the presidency of Ronald Reagan has seen in Donald Trump, however vulgar, however vicious, an incarnation of their deepest values. Now we shall see how well his uncovered entitlement plays....

#noted #2019-10-06