Weekend Reading: Arthur Eckstein: Mediterranean Anarchy, Interstate War, and the Rise of Rome

The answer to the question "is Trumpenomics a failure?" is "yes": There is no large investment boom. There is no manufacturing recovery. There is no reduced trade deficit. There is increased inequality and corruption: Michael Rainey: Is Trumponomics a Failure? : "Paul Krugman... Trump’s two main economic policies–tax cuts and tariffs, both intended to boost manufacturing–have flopped. The tax cuts failed to produce a surge in business investment... the tariffs... are now dragging on the economy.... No one is arguing that the economy is in ruins due to Trump’s policies.... But Trump and Republicans promised that their economic plans would result in lasting, structural improvements, and those don’t appear to have materialized. Krugman says... 'Imagine how much better shape we’d be in if the hundreds of billions squandered on tax cuts... had been used to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure...

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