MXCity: Mexico City’s Mountains: Every Possible Elevation:

...Mexico City occupies the grand base of a massive bowl formed by the meeting of two mountain ranges... [that] easily reach 5,000 meters.... The Sierra Madre Occidental and... the Sierra Madre Oriental. Mexico City rests at the confluence of the two... [and] the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt... accounts for... a string of volcanoes... across the central part of Mexico.... Mexico City’s mountains aren’t always obvious.... But one day, a friend will invite you to the rooftop patio. Perhaps in the east of the city you’ll discover that Popocatepetl is right there.... In the south, you may see Ajusco. To the north, friendly Cerro del Chiquihuite has been waving to the exodus leaving the city via Indios Verdes for decades. On a clear day, they can be witnessed from almost any area of Mexico City...

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