Weekend Reading: Nikita Sergeyevitch Khrushchev (1956): Speech to 20th Congress of the C.P.S.U.

Given how little of foreign aid is directed at the alleviation of extreme poverty, we should not be surprised that foreign aid does not do much to alleviate extreme poverty. The question of whether a very different foreign aid program could rains of viable global importance:

Nancy Qian: Making Progress on Foreign Aid: "The primary purpose of aid is often not to alleviate poverty... only 1.69–5.25% is given to the poorest 20% of countries.... Polarized arguments of the necessity of aid versus the detrimental effects of aid are premature, and the discussion of total foreign aid and the lack of economic improvement for the poorest countries in the world is somewhat misleading.... What is the impact of existing aid?... Can foreign aid ever improve economic performance and well-being? What is the best way of delivering aid to maximize its effectiveness?...

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