Very Briefly Noted 2019-10-02:

  1. Cal Peternell: A Recipe for Cooking

  2. Harry Brighouse: Becoming a Better College Teacher (If You’re Lucky "The narrator noticed the need for improvement through teaching a new class badly, and learning that he had no reason to trust that he, or many others, were teaching other classes better...

  3. Browserling: HTML to Markdown Converter

  4. 10 1/2 Big Ideas for 20th Century Economic History

  5. The Multimillennial Perspective

  6. Joan Robinson: Open letter from a Keynesian to a Marxist

  7. Notebook: Discussion of "Communism" and Related Subjects

  8. Communism and Really Existing Socialism: A Reading List for Post-Millennials

  9. Andrew Lazarus

  10. Roger Zelazny: A Night in the Lonesome October

  11. Skulls in the Stars: October Reading: "A Night in the Lonesome October"

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