Marx's Capital : Parts I-II
Weekend Reading: Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn Wrestles with the American Christian Church for His Soul, and Wins and Saves It

Comment of the Day: Impressed On Quantum Country 'Thanks for consuming a full day of my weekend reviewing matrix mathematics and learning the basics of quantum computing. I highly recommend people view and if necessary, view the recommended matrix videos. I didn't realize quantum computing was this easy to understand. Computers are absolutely revolutionizing the learning process. The video series on matrix mathematics suggested at is astounding in its clarity. Commenters agree—the new generation of students have unprecidented learning tools which can condence a month or more of learning into a single day. The visualizations in the video series are astounding. I wish I had these available when I originally learned this subject. The mnemonic medium mentioned is very similar to they way I learned Skinner's behaviorism. It was presented in the same kind of manner, but all within a single workbook which included the repetitive review at the proper intervals. As I previously stated years ago, it was extremely effective, and nobody in the survey class received less than a B...

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