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Very Briefly Noted 2019-12-11:

  1. Wikipedia: Gendarmenmarkt

  2. Nir Jaimovich &al.: A Tale of Two Workers: The Macroeconomics of Automation

  3. Groningen Growth and Development Center: PWT 9.1

  4. Nick Rowe: Increased Price Flexibility is Destabilising in New Keynesian Models. (And a Price-Level Path Target is Stabilising) 'It's more complicated than this, of course. Because I have over-simplified the model by assuming that the central bank has a lag of "one period", and that the only real interest rate that matters is that same "one period" real interest rate. But you get the gist...

  5. Chartwell: Carl Benedikt Frey

  6. Wikipedia: Ahmose I

  7. Financial Times: Business School Rankings 2019

  8. Clickspring: Reconstructing The Antikythera Mechanism

  9. David Teece &al.: New Enlightenment Conference ', Edinburgh, 2019...

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