Marx's Capital: Part VII: The Accumulation of Capital

Which Political Party's Policies Boost Investment in America, Again?


  • Suppose you were a stranger to humanity, and looked at this graph of trends in the investment share of output under various administrations.
  • Would you then credit the claim that the red-presidents political party was dedicated to boosting investment in America, and that the blue-presidents political party was dedicated to sacrificing investment and growth to achieve egalitarian redistributional social goals?
  • No.
    • One might claim that presidents don't control the economy or economic policy.
    • But presidents get most of what they ask for in terms of economic policy, and economic policy has a substantial impact on the actual economy.
    • One might claim that the big collapses of investment from the S&L and the subprime housing crises were bad luck for both Bush presidents.
    • But didn't mis- and under-regulation have something to do with it?

FRED: Gross Private Domestic Investment/Nominal Potential Gross Domestic Product

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