Worthy Reads from January 24, 2019

The Dead of Iraq

Equitable Growth leader Heather Boushey is going to the Aspen Institute to talk on January 30. If you haven't managed to read her book Unbound yet and are in DC, this would be a relatively painless way to absorb it: Aspen Institute: Measure What Matters: Realigning Measures of Economic Success with Societal Well-Being https://www.aspeninstitute.org/events/measure-what-matters-realigning-measures-of-economic-success-with-societal-well-being/: 'In a new book Unbound: How Inequality Constricts Our Economy and What We Can Do About It, Heather Boushey, President and CEO of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, considers how inequality is restricting growth and imagines how a more equitable economy would function. The book also raises two key questions: How can we better measure our economy to understand how it can improve the lives of individuals and how do we better support working families so we can set them and their children up for success? Join the Economic Opportunities Program, Ascend, Financial Security Program, and Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation for a book talk with Heather and a panel discussion including other experts to explore these questions about defining and measuring economic success and how we can work more broadly to create growth with purpose...

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