-1. Before Class Begins: The History of Economic Growth: Econ 135

The History of Economic Growth: Econ 135: Assignments

Suggested Question (and Answer) for Course FAQ List: Assignment 1: Read the syllabus documents: https://delong.typepad.com/files/135-course-summary.pdf https://delong.typepad.com/files/135-course-procedures.pdf https://delong.typepad.com/files/135-administrative.pdf

Using the information in the syllabus, think up a question that should be on the FAQ—the Frequently Asked Question—list for the course.

Answer the question you thought up.

Upload your question and answer to your account at the course on canvas.

Letter to GSI: Assignment 2: Before 0900 on Saturday, January 25, please write a 200-word to 300-word essay—a “letter of introduction” to your GSI (and also to me: I will read it too). Include your name, and outline:

  1. the reasons why you are choosing to spend 3% of your scarce college curriculum time taking this course this semester, 2.what you hope to learn from this course,
  2. what you hope to do in the future as a result of this course, and
  3. anything else about yourself that you would like to share with us, the teaching staff.

Please attach a link to a photo of yourself as well!

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