Lecture Notes: Inequality

Catherine Rampell has good ideas for how the press could do its proper job. Her ideas meet enthusiastic approval: Mistermix: This, This, This https://www.balloon-juice.com/2020/01/02/this-this-this/: 'Catherine Rampell has a few resolutions for the media. This one really hit home: "Don’t spend more time analyzing an idea that the president proposes than he spent coming up with it. This one is hard, I know. Sometimes Trump says things that are just so wrong, in so many ways, that it’s difficult to resist the urge to enumerate all the details of their wrongness. But a 4 a.m. cyberbullying toilet tweet about Kim Jong Un doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an actual, deliberate shift in diplomatic strategy. A blurted parenthetical about how he’d love to pass a middle-class tax cut, the biggest tax cut ever, doesn’t mean he seriously plans to propose such a thing. Let’s not pretend a secret plan actually exists and then conjure up tea leaves for experts to read. Don’t impute more seriousness or thoughtfulness than ad-libbed drivel deserves." Trump’s Twitter feed is like a chicken shit cannon from which the media is constantly trying to make chicken salad. It’s a goddam waste of time and the sooner they find a way to ignore most of it, the better for all of us...

#noted #2020-03-21