What is the Real Prevalence of Coronavirus Across States?

Comment of the Day: Moving into life in an Isaac Asimov novel of the 1950s: Dilbert Dogbert https://www.bradford-delong.com/2020/04/comment-of-the-day-_meno-new-zealand-has-a-plan_-new-zealand-has-an-articulate-plan-for-the-next-year-and-we-see-th.html?cid=6a00e551f0800388340240a52150de200b#comment-6a00e551f0800388340240a52150de200b: 'Nice that NZ has a plan. I have a plan. For the rest of my life I will be in isolation, partial. Wear a mask and gloves when going anywhere there are people not family. I am not sure I will change behavior even if a vaccine and/or a drug becomes available. We, the wife and I, are lucky as we have lived in partial isolation for 11 years after moving from Palo Alto to the outer fringes of the Gamma Quadrant. Our risks will be medical appointments, grocery shopping and obtaining needed hardware supplies. Most of our other shopping is via the internet. I am a semi-isolate naturally even though I like people. The wife does her group clubs over the internet. I have a shop and she has a garden. Lucky to have the resources to keep horses that allow us to get out and about in isolation. Damn Lucky!...

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