Coronavirus!: Where I Guess We Are Now

Second or Third Worst Coronavirus Response in the World Led by the Most Incompetent, Ignorant, and Undisciplined President Imaginable: Donald Trump

It looks like Brazil and Sweden are going to wind up having worse responses to the coronavirus than we are:

But, still, why am I not surprised that the most incompetent, ignorant, and undisciplined president imaginable backed up by the worst and most corrupt political party in the world produces one of the worst responses to coronavirus in the world?:

Andy Slavitt ‘COVID-19 seems to be a uniquely tough American foe The rest of the world is figuring it out. The Czech Republic did it with masks. China with isolation. Germany with testing. Hong Kong with experience. New Zealand with alerts. Greece with discipline. The cost of these lessons is already too high. But it is not beyond our power to change it. But I’m afraid [that] to change this, we do have to first face it…

Nearly all other countries have the virus in retreat:

We have the virus plateaued—falling cases in Greater New York, rising cases elsewhere, and we are about to step down social distancing in much of "elsewhere"...

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