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"The Next Move Is with the Head, & Fists Must Wait..."

John Maynard Keynes: Trotsky On England ‘Granted his assumptions, much of Trotsky’s argument is, I think, unanswerable. Nothing can be sillier than to play at revolution—if that is what he means. But what are his assumptions? He assumes that the moral and intellectual problems of the transformation of Society have been already solved—that a plan exists, and that nothing remains except to put it into operation. He assumes further that Society is divided into two parts–the proletariat who are converted to the plan, and the rest who for purely selfish reasons oppose it.... Trotsky’s book must confirm us in our conviction of the uselessness, the empty-headedness of Force at the present stage of human affairs.... We lack more than usual a coherent scheme of progress, a tangible ideal. All the political parties alike have their origins in past ideas and not in new ideas—and none more conspicuously so than the Marxists. It is not necessary to debate the subtleties of what justifies a man in promoting his gospel by force; for no one has a gospel. The next move is with the head, and fists must wait… #noted #2020-06-04