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Note to Self #tickler: The works & relevance of A.C. Pigou

Note to Self #tickler: The works & relevance of A.C. Pigou:

Ian Kumekawa (2017): The First Serious Optimist: A. C. Pigou and the Birth of Welfare Economics
Ian Kumekawa (2020): We Need to Revisit the Idea of Pigou Wealth Tax

Arthur Cecil Pigou (1916): The Economy & Finance of the War: Being a Discussion of the Real Costs 0f the War & the Way in Which They Should Be Met
Arthur Cecil Pigou (1919): The Burden of War & Future Generations
Arthur Cecil Pigou (1920): A Capital Levy & a Levy on War Wealth
Arthur Cecil Pigou (1920): The Economics of Welfare Arthur Cecil Pigou (1940): The Political Economy of War
Arthur Cecil Pigou (1946): Income: An Introduction to Economics
Arthur Cecil Pigou (1947): A Study In Public Finance

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