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Duncan Black: That F---ing Bitch https://www.eschatonblog.com/2020/07/that-fucking-bitch.html: ‘The people who work at the New York Times are deeply broken people [Luke Broadwater and Catie Edmondson:] 'WASHINGTON — Ever since Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came to Congress as the youngest woman elected to the House, she has upended traditions, harnessing the power of social media and challenging leaders, including President Trump, who are 50 years her senior. On Thursday, she had her most norm-shattering moment yet when she took to the House floor to read into the Congressional Record a sexist vulgarity that Representative Ted Yoho, a Florida Republican, had used to refer to her. “In front of reporters, Representative Yoho called me, and I quote: ‘A fucking bitch,’” she said, punching each syllable in the vulgarity.... Ms. Ocasio-Cortez... excels at using her detractors to amplify her own political brand...' Sure she was called a fucking bitch, but she used it to tik-tok her way into the hearts of the snapchat generation by elevating her brand!!! As for "fucking bitch," here's the article about Yoho calling her that. 'After a brief and tense exchange, the newspaper said, Mr. Yoho walked away from Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, uttering a pair of expletives.' They didn't even quote Yoho using the naughty words, but they quoted AOC quoting him using the naughty words, because it UPENDED TRADITIONS, and was NORM-SHATTERING. You might say, UPPITY! These fucking people… .#noted #2020-07-24