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Hall: “Politically Incorrect” Pathways Through PC—Noted

Stuart Hall: Some “Politically Incorrect” Pathways Through PC ‘The rise of political correctness seems to be intimately connected with... the dominance of the political new right... Reagan-Bush and Thatcher.... They redefined the contours of public thinking with their virulently free-market social philosophy and set in motion a powerful, new, anti-welfare consensus... built... on their mastery of the ideological terrain.... They successfully fashioned a seductive appeal to selfishness, greed and possessive individualism, striking a sort of populist alliance across the lines of traditional class alignments and introducing the gospel that “market forces must prevail” into the very heart of the left’s traditional support. They exploited ordinary people’s basic fears of crime, race, “otherness,” of change itself. They fished in the murky waters of a narrow and reactionary cultural nationalism and rallied around their sexual and cultural agenda a highly vocal and well-organized “silent” Moral Majority. Paradoxically, though PC is its sworn adversary, the New Right shares with PC an understanding that the political game is often won or lost on the terrain of these moral and cultural issues… .#noted #2020-07-21