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Hipple, Lake, & Monroe: Reconsidering Progress This Juneteenth: Eight Graphics—Noted

The relative material progress of the African-American population of the United States has been stalled since the 1970s. The shadow of slavery and Jim Crow and its impact on the wealth distribution has meant that any "declining significance of race" has been offset by a rising significance of class. And then we need to add in the rising ossification of America’s class structure. Those of us who are African-American do not forget this. Those of us who are not African-American need to recall this many times each day: when we rise, and when we lie down; when we eat, and when we drink; when we work, and will we rest:

Liz Hipple, Shanteal Lake, & Maria Monroe: Reconsidering Progress This Juneteenth: Eight Graphics ‘In observance of Juneteenth, the Washington Center for Equitable Growth is reflecting on the perceived progress made in the lives of Black Americans and highlighting evidenced-backed policy solutions needed to reduce economic racial inequality. Eight graphics on wages, wealth, and health: Black workers, especially Black female workers, have lower salaries than White workers with similar levels of education. While the median White male worker with a college degree earns $31.25 an hour, the median Black male worker with a college degree only earns only $23.08. This is only $5 more than a White male worker with a high school degree. Some of this wage gap is due to occupational segregation, but the majority of it is “unexplained” and is attributed to discrimination… .#noted #2020-07-16