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Drum: An Unprecedented National Catastrophe—Noted

I want to put Kevin Drum here in touch with Anne Applebaum here: Kevin is definitely asking the right questions here: Kevin Drum: How Did Republicans Become a Cult of Trump? 'Bret Stephens writes today: "We are in the midst of an unprecedented national catastrophe... not the pandemic, or an economic depression, or killer cops, or looted cities, or racial inequities.... What's unprecedented is that never before have we been led by a man who so completely inverts the spirit of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.... We have a president who wants to replace rule of law with rule by the gun. If Trump now faces a revolt by the Pentagon's civilian and military leadership (both current and former) against his desire to deploy active-duty troops in American cities, it's because his words continue to drain whatever is left of his credibility as commander in chief..." What kind of party, or ideological movement, ends up nominating a person like this? And not just nominating, but nominating by a landslide against a perfectly competent and ordinary set of conservative opponents. Trump won the nomination with a pure grassroots campaign, during which he lied, insulted people, made up juvenile nicknames, displayed epic ignorance, and just generally acted the buffoon. His supporters knew exactly what they were getting, and they got it. So what has the Republican Party---Bret's party---been doing that led it to this point? And what will it do to avoid a repeat in the future? This requires some introspection and some interrogation. It's not enough to say that Trump is a catastrophe. Anyone who can pour piss out of a boot knows that. But what brought Republicans to this awful point? That's the more important question... .#noted #2020-07-09