Delbanco: Offerring More than ‘Zoom from Your Room'—Noted
The Obelisk of Wokeness & the Dome of Cancellation

Lopez: Enlightenment Coffee Shop—Noted

Andrew Lopez: 'Just left an Enlightenment coffee shop Packed with Lockean and Humean liberals too afraid to even whisper about reason, federalism, IQ, and the superiority of the White race—Things are DIRE!:

Steven Pinker: 'Not just professors This AM, from a worker: "I feel uncomfortable expressing my thoughts, moderate as they are, to coworkers for fear of being labeled a bigot. I'm a moderate centrist and lib. in the tradition of Locke and Hume. Why can’t they accept me for revealing liberal enlightenment feelings?":

John McWhorter: 'Bravo to this honesty. Since May I have gotten almost an email a day from a professor who fears speaking out against the modern distortion of progressivism would get them fired.

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