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Mitrovitch—America Remains Poised for Greatness—Noted with a "WTF!?!?"

WTF?!?! This seems simply bonkers to me. In 1920, a century ago, Britain did not have "intrinsic strength... [that] enabled it to retain dominance". In 1920, a century ago, Britain was in the middle of its extraordinarily rapid relative decline from 1900-1940 that took it from being the world's only global hyper power in 1900 to at best fourth in potential strength—well behind Germany, the United States, and the Soviet Union—in 1900. . Get the history right, Greg!: Gregory Mitrovich: Beware Declinism: America Remains Poised for Greatness ‘There can be no doubting that America’s international standing has been undermined by ill-considered wars and the deadly failures of Trump’s pandemic response. However, the intrinsic strength of the United States will, like that of Britain a century ago, enable America to retain its dominance. Like Britain, it will require a far more dramatic series of shocks than what it has recently experienced for Washington to lose its central position in the international system… .#noted #2020-07-06