Shelton's Confirmation to the Fed Would Be Very Ill-Advised II—on Twitter
Jefferson (1781): "Indeed, I Tremble for My Country... an Exchange of Situation is.. Possible"—Noted

WASP Culture-Noted

Whet Moser: WASP Culture 'Very disturbing to learn that grifters are out there holding seminars on "protestant fragility":


Whet Moser: Terrified to eat anything not in casserole form

Brad DeLong: Six Bombay Sapphire martinis & an olive!

Wendy M. A. Darling: Gin & tonic with lime also works.

Max Fletcher: Believe you can throw little cut-up pieces of fruit and vegetables into Jell-O and call it a salad

Elisabeth N.: Miracle Whip and canned cream-of-something-pale soup are mandatory components of every meal…

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