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Hunt: Galadriel, Gimli, & Feanor—Noted

The Kinda Socially Isolated Ghost of Henry Hunt: 'This, and Galadriel dropping a burn so sick Feanor had to go lie down for another thousand years in the Halls of Mandos, are two moments that are SO much better with full context...

...Capn' Case: Wait what? I forget that part of the tome lad can ye refresh me?

The Kinda Socially Isolated Ghost of Henry Hunt: Ok. Short, short version. Feanor loved Galadriel, his cousin, a bit more than was appropriate, and she found this creepy. He asked her for a stand of hair three times that he could make a work of art from it for his own aggrandizement. Galadriel refused three times.

When the Fellowship comes to town, she has no gift for Gimli, and bids him ask for anything. He refuses, she presses, and he humbly says that if he HAS to ask he would ask only for a single stand of her hair that he might fix it in amber to remember her beauty.

Galadriel gives him three.

Capn' Case: Blimey, that be a shot across the bow he shan't soon forget! Thanks for speakin' yer gospel to me lad. I liked the context…

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