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Modigliani (1944): Liquidity Preference—Noted

Irwin Collier: Schumpeter's Macro Syllabus 1948—Noted

Irwin Collier: Harvard. Advanced Economic Theory, Second Term. 1948 ‘Joseph Schumpeter: "Economics 103b. Spring Term 1947-48. Plan of Course and Suggestions for Reading. The plan of the course is to start from and to build upon Professor Haberler’s lectures in the Fall Term (103a). We shall start from the statics of equilibrium and then discuss at some lengths the use and limitations of the method of Comparative Statics. After this, we shall survey various Dynamic Models. These models will be made the starting points of excursions...

...into relevant fields of pure and applied theory. Professor Haberler’s reading list remains in force. Wicksell’s Lectures I being particularly recommended. In addition, perusal of the following items will prove helpful. The more important ones are marked by an asterisk. The list is intended to cover also suggestions for the reading period:

J. Tinbergen*, Suggestions on Quantitative Business Cycle Theory, Econometrica, July 1935. F. Modigliani, Liquidity Preference, Interest, and Money, Econometrica, January 1944. N. Kaldor, Stability and Full Employment, Economic Journal, December 1938. F. Lavington, Approach to a Theory of Business Risks, Economic Journal, June 1925. L. Metzler, Factors Governing the Length of Inventory Cycles, Review of Economic Statistics, February 1947. M. V. Jones, Secular and Cyclical Saving Propensities, Journal of Business of the University of Chicago, January 1944. L. M. Lachmann, Uncertainty and Liquidity Preference, Economica, August 1937. M. Kalecki, A Theorem on Technical Progress, Review of Economic Studies, June 1941. P. A. Samuelson*, Foundations of Economic Analysis, 1947

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