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Briefly Noted for 2020-09-16

Robert Bates: Markets & States Duology: Markets & States in Tropical Africa: The Political Economy of Agricultural Policies || When Things Fell Apart: State Failure in Late-Century Africa

Chinua Achebe: Pentalogy: Things Fall Apart || _No Longer at Ease || The Arrow of God || A Man of the People || Anthills of the Savannah

Colin Leys (1982): Samuel Huntington & the End of Classical Modernization Theory

Keri Leigh Merritt: Merrittocracy

Joseph Schumpeter (1947): The History of Economic Analysis

David Glasner: Schumpeterian Enigmas ‘Schumpeter exhibited a generosity of spirit in his assessments of the work of other economists in... The History of Economic Analysis.... Schumpeter’s own tragic and largely unrealized ambition to achieve the technical analytical breakthroughs to which he accorded highest honors in his assessments of the work of other economists, notably, Quesnay, Cournot and Walras…

Paul Krugman (1989): History vs. Expectations || (1990) Increasing Returns & Economic Geography) || (1992): _A Dynamic Spatial Model || (1995): Globalization & the Inequality of Nations || (2010): The New Economic Geography: Now Middle-Aged



Stefan Gerlach: Crunch Time for Central Banks ‘In little more than a decade, the global financial crisis, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed the environment in which central banks operate–and public opinion is not on their side.... Central banks’ responses to the financial crisis and the pandemic have triggered a huge increase in wealth inequality.... That is how monetary policy works. But a large part of the public finds it grossly unfair…

Edward Luce: Donald Trump’s Orwellian Jamboree ‘This year’s Republican convention proves the party is post-ideas—the plan is simply the man.... The image of the US president’s eldest son may differ in the details from that of Big Brother’s boot stamping on the human face. But the message of this week’s Republican National Convention is Orwellian. There is no perceptible platform or even ghost of a second term agenda for Donald Trump’s party. There is thus no possibility of dissent. His chief surrogates are his own family members. The message is Mr Trump, the whole Mr Trump and nothing but Mr Trump...

This is simply an truly excellent two-pager: Equitable Growth: Reforming Unemployment Insurance across the United States ’Longstanding problems with the Unemployment Insurance system in the United States are immediately evident amid the coronavirus recession and echo the problems experienced during the Great Recession…. Administrative failures at state Unemployment Insurance agencies. Lack of a permanent Unemployment Insurance program that includes the self-employed and others traditionally left out of the program. Low benefit levels that require emergency top-offs. The temporary nature of fixes when recessions hit, which, in turn, requires renegotiations just months after political compromises are reached. The current disarray in the Unemployment Insurance system is neither a surprise nor an accident. It is the result of decades of conscious choices made by policymakers…

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