DeLongTODAY: Fear of Rising Interest Rates No Reason to Shy Away from Fiscal Expansion
Phipps: View of Hitler as of 1933—Noted

Briefly Noted for 2020-12-18

Josiah Ober: Political Dissent in Democratic Athens: Intellectual Critics of Popular Rule.

Josiah Ober: Mass & Elite in Democratic Athens: Rhetoric, Ideology, & the Power of the People

Daily Beast: Pence Plans to Confirm Trump’s Defeat Then Flee the Country, Says Report>…

James Politi & Colby Smith: Powell Preserves His Dovish Credentials at Tricky Moment for Fed_

Tyler Cowen: The Ideological Shift of the Libertarian Movement on Pandemics

Minxin Pei: Totalitarianism’s Long Dark Shadow Over China

Richard Setterston & al.: Living on the Edge: An American Generation’s Journey through the Twentieth Century Elgato Green Screen ‘Collapsible chroma key panel for background removal with auto-locking frame, wrinkle-resistant chroma-green fabric, aluminum hard case, ultra-quick setup and breakdown: Computers & Accessories… Elaro Pop-Up Retractable Green Screen (Self-Contained Case)



Charles Sykes: Can We Quit Trump? ‘For the last four years, Vichy Republicans have rationalized their support by insisting that we ignore the tweets and focus on the policies and “accomplishments”. But in his post-presidency there will no wins, just the rage, narcissism, and tweets.... And that’s all there will be, except for the possible indictments, trials, and bankruptcies. That’s why stoking outrage is so crucial for his post presidency. The stab-in-the-back stolen election lie is the wind beneath his wings; grievance is his only real asset. That may be enough to keep his base riled up. But there is also the possibility that rather than consolidate his control of the GOP, he will marginalize himself by continuing to embrace the most deranged elements of his own MAGAverse. His base of operations may drift from Fox News to OAN and his appeal from populism to raw crackpottery…

Jonathan V. Last: 'McMaster believed that power in the Trump administration derived from his job Sarah Huckabee Sanders realized that power in the Trump administration derived from having the president watch you defend him on TV. And further, SHS seems to have figured out that she could parlay that power into power in another context. Watch and see if she becomes governor of Arkansas purely on the basis of being seen as one of the most loyal Trumpists in the country.... Mitch McConnell is entering into a power struggle with Donald Trump.... Mitch declared Joe Biden president-elect yesterday. And good for him, I guess. Though I’m not sure people should get a ton of credit for admitting that the sky is blue after spending five weeks insisting that it was red. McConnell’s calculation is that power derives from holding elected office because that confers the ability to pass legislation.... Trump believes that the real source of power lies further upstream and derives from the ability to command—totally—a large bloc of voters within a single party. Because... it grants him ownership of the Republican party.... McConnell’s view looks like the safer bet right now, because the next time that large bloc of voters gets to exercise their power is two years from now. But my money’s on Trump here.... And then there’s the January 6 vote. McConnell has pushed a lot of chips into the pot by saying that no Republican Senator should force a vote on the Electoral College.... But the dynamics of this are all in the other direction. There will be at least one member of the House who objects and demands a vote, which means that the Senate Republicans will effectively be facing a yes-no vote on supporting Trump, since it will only require one senator to also object. Do you believe that every single Republican senator will be willing to be seen as effectively saying “no” to Trump on what will be basically function as a roll-call vote for a roll-call vote?…

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