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W.H. Auden: Spain

I Am Wondering If I Want to Move This Party Over to SubStack for Real...

There seems to be no fundamental reason to do so. But it does seem that there may be community-discovery and network reasons to do so. So yesterday I threw a bunch of things up at SubStack:

  • Taking þe Temperature of Twitter: 2021-01-27 We: Twitter has always been absolute s--- at aggregation tools. & that is one of the things that makes it so effective at keeping people inside its walled garden. Aggregation tools allow you to step back, evaluate, and assess. So I am going to see if I can use SubStack to try to do that. I always see myself on Twitter as a pig digging for truffles. Here’s what I have found… LINK:

  • Briefly Noted: 2021-01-27 We: What I have been reading this morning that has arrested me, and made me think. This may be one use I make of my substack as I try to figure out what this platform is useful for. Let me start with things that whizzed by, and follow with some long-paragraph chunks that I think are very worth reading, and that I noted this morning.... Very Briefly Noted: Jen Sorensen: For January 26, 2021: GoComics: Freedom LINK. William H. Shrank, Nancy-Ann DeParle, Scott Gottlieb, Sachin H. Jain, Peter Orszag, Brian W. Powers, and Gail R. Wilensky: Health Costs & Financing: Challenges & Strategies For A New Administration | Health Affairs: ‘The HHS secretary should… work… with Congress to decrease the age of Medicare eligibility to fifty-five… LINK

  • Hayek & Einstein...: Chasing down an intellectual rabbit hole at Wednesday lunchtime... I was browsing through Friedrich von Hayek.... Why? Because Hayek is playing a larger part in my history of the Long 20th Century, Slouching Towards Utopia, as it moves toward finality, and I am concerned that I be fair to him. And I ran across his claim that the “socialists” felt: "an urgent need to construct a new, rationally revised and justified morality which… will not be a crippling burden, be alienating, oppressive, or 'unjust', or be associated with trade. Moreover, this is only part of the great task that these new lawgivers—socialists such as Einstein… LINK

  • Written just before WWII, during the Spanish Civil War...: W.H. Auden (1937): Spain: 'The stars are dead. The animals will not look./We are left alone with our day, and the time is short, and/History to the defeated/May say Alas but cannot help nor pardon... LINK


  • Fascism: This is the current draft of chapter 11 of my Slouching Towards Utopia?: An Economic History of the Long 20th Century 1870-2016. This is the chapter of the book that I am currently having the most trouble with. So advice & comments are very seriously genuinely welcomed, & badly needed… LINK: