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BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2021-04-18 Su
2021-04-18 Su

READING: Carl von Clausewitz: "On War": Friction
2021-04-18 Su

READING: Eisenhower: “Their Number Is Negligible & They Are Stupid…”
2021-04-17 Sa

WORÞY READS: For 2021-04-16 Fr
2021-04-16 Fr

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2021-04-15 Th
2021-04-15 Th

I Do Not See "Overheating" This Year…
2021-04-15 Th

PODCAST: Hexapodia X: Global Warming
2021-04-14 We

BRIEFLY NOTED: for 2021-04-13 Tu
2021-04-13 Ti

In-Person Office Hours: for 2021-04-13 Tu
2021-04-13 Tu

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2021-04-12 Mo
2021-04-12 Mo

Our Economists' Letter on þe Need for Public Investment