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PROJECT SYNDICATE: Is þe US Economy Recovering or Overheating?

PODCAST: Hexapodia XIII: "Mandated Interoperability": We Can't Make It Work, or Can We?

With Cory Doctorow; Noah Smith & Brad DeLong's 30:00 < Weekly Podcast < 60:00 <>


Key Insights:

  • Cory Doctorow is AWESOME!

  • It is depressing. We once, with the creation of the market economy, got interoperability right. But now the political economy blocks us from there being any obvious path to an equivalent lucky historical accident in our future.

  • The problems in our society are not diametrically opposed: Addressing the problems of one thing doesn't necessarily create equal and opposite problems on the other side—but it does change the trade-offs, and so things become very complex and very difficult to solve.

  • Always keep a trash bag in your car.

  • Hexapodia!


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